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5 Must Have Apps a Student Might Find Useful

5 Must Have Apps a Student Might Find Useful

From organizing your notes to keeping track of your progress and bringing together your student life these apps will help you become the ultimate student in university.


Is a simple to do list and task manager app. It has a good mix of features for everyone especially students, including the ability to make multiple lists, collaborate with other Wunderlist users on different projects, and create reminders. Most importantly helps students stay organized.



Can’t keep up in class? No worries. SoundNote acts as a notepad and audio recorder. With this app a student has the ability to store the lecture in both audio and visual form. SoundNote captures the whiteboard and then converts it into PDF, Word or Powerpoint making it easier for you to stay on top of your notes.



An effective method to revise for any tests or exams is flashcards. It uses the student’s course material to curate a set of digital flashcard to help them test anywhere and everywhere with the use of text, images or even voice notes. Quizlet makes traditional studying ways more fun with the use of collaborative games and quizzes to keep every student engaged.


My Class Schedule

Never forget to miss or be late for a class. With My Class Schedule a student is able to get on top of their timetable and up-to-date with classes ultimately keeps your student life organized. It regularly sends reminders of exams and other events you might have scheduled.


Can’t take your eyes off social media? Have a big project or exam coming up? Don’t worry, Offtime helps students unplug by blocking distracting apps e.g. facebook, twitter etc.by setting your own parameters. Increase the student’s productivity with fewer distractions when studying.

With the help of above apps you can now easily develop better note-taking skills, manage an increased workload with high expectation from professors and social life. Fortunately, these apps truly provide assistant in study techniques and essentially keep a student organized. Check out these apps to get a head-start on being on top of your life. Contact us here for more information and advice, and let’s start planning your future!



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