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How to Befriend Your Professor

How to Befriend Your Professor

When you’re in a class full of 200 students, it can be tough to get the professors attention let alone maintain a personal rapport with them. You’re not alone. Many students in college/university find it tough especially if the professor has a bad reputation among the students. But if a student puts in some effort, they will get to know that professors genuinely want to connect and build a student-professor rapport. Here are some tips that will help you achieve a professional relationship with your professor.

Attend Class

Coming to class depends on the student’s mood and attitude. If a student carries this thinking “oh the PowerPoint slides are online” then most likely the student is only hurting themselves as later they might not understand the notes or might not have additional pointers the professor discussed in the lecture room. Also, class attendance puts a great impression on the professor as well as can sometimes boost your grade towards the end of the term.

Be an Active Participant

Going to class ensures that a student is an active participant not by sitting at the back row watching movies or hidden within their phones. Being an active participant means engaging with the professors discussion (asking questions, getting clarifications, answering questions). By having an eye contact with the professor help them ensure that you have interest in understanding the material being taught.

Stop by Office Hours

Meeting with your professor outside the classroom environment helps students build a professional relationship with the professor. Office hours are great for a student to stop by have a chit chat, introduce yourself to the professor so that they can put a face to the name. This communication also comes in handy when you need clarification on a project/exam, the professor can better explain the method that suits you.

What a professor feels about a student can highly influence how much time he or she is willing to put in to help a student with the course, and even how good a recommendation he or she is willing to write for grad school or a job. So take these pointers into consideration. Contact Aspire here for more information and advice, and let’s start planning your future!