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5 Ways to Guarantee Your Student Visa

5 Ways to Guarantee Your Student Visa
Studying abroad can be an exciting prospect, but you have to do your fair share of paperwork before all the adventures start! To study in a happening country such as the UK which offers world class education, you need to meet their eligibility criteria and go through the visa application process which may seem a bit lengthy and intimidating.

For those planning to apply for the standard Tier 4 student visa in the UK, here are a few valuable tips which will make sure you never go wrong.

Don’t Be Lazy!

Procrastination is easy, but you need to toughen up and get serious for the visa process. For a UK student visa, you must apply at least three months before your course starts. The best way to make good time is to keep everything else ready for your application well before your A Level (or equivalent) results are published, so that you can apply as soon as you get them.

Make Sure You and Your Institution Are Eligible

Your institution of choice should be recognized by the UK government in order for your visa to get approved. Beware of bogus institutes that do not sponsor Tier 4 visas! Moreover, you need to be of the correct age and have adequate finances too, to be eligible. Confirm these details before getting started.


Don’t Lie! 

Honesty is the best policy, especially when applying for international studies. Use of forged or fake documents is not going to get you anywhere, and you even face a risk of getting banned from the UK for up to 10 years. Just be yourself and hope for the best.

Pay Attention to Details

Research, recheck, and be thorough in following the guidelines available at the UK government websites regarding student visa application. The important details are often overlooked, so make sure you pay attention. For example, a certain sum of money needs to be in your bank account for at least 28 days before your application. Failure to comply exactly with such requirements can get you rejected!

Consult Those with Prior Experience

In case you find yourself at a tough spot, are just confused, or just find the entire process too much to handle on your own, a renown education consultant can be a great source of help.

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