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Questions About IELTS Answered

Questions About IELTS Answered
Read on to find out more about this internationally accepted test which could open doors to new opportunities for you!


What is IELTS?

The International English Language System, better known as IELTS, is a world renown English language test for non-natives to become eligible for a plethora of foreign opportunities for education, jobs and migration. The test uses band scores between 1 to 9 to judge your proficiency in the English language.

Who takes IELTS exam?

The IELTS is appropriate for people aiming to study or work in English speaking environments, provided, of course, that it is acceptable by their desired institution.

Which countries require IELTS for studying abroad?

The IELTS works as proof of your proficiency in the English language in Australia, Canada, New Zealand , the UK and the United States. In fact, an IELTS certificate is recognized by more than 10,000 institutions worldwide, including education and training provides.

Keep in mind that each country sets its own IELTS requirements, that they update on their relevant websites.

Why is it important to take when planning on studying abroad?

If the institution of your choice accepts IELTS, then it will likely be a prerequisite for your admission. Therefore, for being admitted into your desired institution, employment program or for emigration abroad, the test is necessary to open doors to your dreams.

Difference Between IELTS Category-Academic/General

There are two categories of the IELTS test: Academic and General. Your purpose of taking the IELTS determines which one should you go for.

If your aim is to either secure admission into a university with an English-speaking environment, or professional registration, then IELTS Academic is for you.  Basically, it will assess if you’re appropriately ready to initiate your education or training.

If your aim, however, is migration, and you’re moving for secondary education, employment or training programs then you should go for the IELTS General.

While some parts of the test are similar for both categories, the differences pop up between the writing and reading tasks.

Difference in IELTS for UKVI and others

The UKVI test differs from the IELTS in in terms of the Test Report Forms, that are different than the regular IELTS test, and the security protocols that are not implemented otherwise.

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