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Parhogay Likhogay Bonogay Nawab

Parhogay Likhogay Bonogay Nawab
Let’s face it- we all want that lavish lifestyle with a big house, posh car, the works. However, not everyone has what it takes to actually get there. It is common knowledge that education greatly improves quality of life. A valuable degree from a world renown university can increase your chances of getting employed at reputable firms, groom your personality and basically shape your life.

Let’s explore some research based facts and figures on the benefits of getting a degree from a very materialistic point of view!

  • The median earnings of holders of a Bachelor’s degree are 65% higher than those of high school graduates, as estimated for a 40-year working life.
  • In a survey conducted by the UK government on international postgraduates holding UK degrees, the country with the highest proportion (37%) of international postgraduates in sustained employment, further study or both was found to be Pakistan.
  • The lifelong earnings of an average graduate are estimated to be easily over £100,000 more than a person having two or more A levels with no higher education.
  • A survey from the Pew Research Center reported bachelor’s degree holders to have as much as $45,500 median annual earnings as compared to those with only some college education ($30,000) or a high school education ($28,000).
With a plethora of universities offering world-class education in the UK with great support for international students, it’s high time for our youngsters to get exposure to such high quality education which will pay back in the long term. Aspire’s Educational Consulting are available to guide Pakistani youth wanting to get in the UK’s top universities. For further information and step-by-step guidance, email info@aspireec.pk or call +92300 0779034.



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