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Choose Pathways to Top Universities

Choose Pathways to Top Universities
International study is an exciting prospect for those who have already chosen a career path they’d like to pursue and have all their English language requirement tests passed, but what about those who have none or just one of the above?


Pathway Programs to the Rescue

Pathway Programs offered by foreign universities provide a typically 12-month course of ‘pre-university preparation’. These are often considered as a backdoor or alternative method of admission to pursuing a degree in a foreign university. A Pathway program can typically benefit you in terms of English language fluency, knowledge about different courses, making informed decisions when selecting courses, familiarity with the international university environment, and better chances of admission to an undergraduate degree course. Popular university pathway program groups include Navitas, INTO and Cambridge Education Group.

The Pathway Program you choose depends on your field of study. You need to do your fair share of research to land in the kind of program you are interested in. Most programs offer a credited year of study, where you will get a year’s credit added to your undergraduate study and you may commence studying for your degree from the second undergrad year. This continuation into an undergraduate (or postgraduate) course is conditional: most universities require students to score a GPA between a minimum of 2.0 to 2.4 to become eligible for a degree program.

Other Perks

Universities make their leisure facilities available for pathway students too. These students can expect individual attention from teachers due to small class sizes. The programs also offer exceptional support. Where low grades make merit-based admission impossible, pathways can save the day. Where indecisiveness on choosing a course or career path exists, a pathway program can provide useful insight.

Stepping Stones to Success

After a year of developing your language skills, knowing more about the course options available and becoming more familiar with an international level of study, you will be ready to take up a degree program headfirst!

You can always consult those with prior experience regarding university programs and this crucial decision-making process. Aspire Educational Consultants are just a call or email away! Mail marketing@aspireec.pk or call +92300 0779034 for further details.