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Study Abroad – Choosing the right destination?

Study Abroad - Choosing the right destination?

Avoid making decision based on rhetoric or sweeping statements by clueless people.  Studying abroad is a big decision and one must take into account all sorts of things like your grades, your interest, budget, your future plans and then go about shortlisting destination. You should look at destination city, university, cost of living and part-time jobs when choosing destination to study.

Before choosing a destination take into account your own grades, budget, your future plans and then shortlist the universities and destination accordingly.

Then comes your academic interests, university rankings and career goals. Once you have done the match making, it is now time to research specific courses, subjects and options for internships or work placements. For instance if you are planning to a degree in Engineering, which field of engineering and why, do explore emerging fields like mechatronics.  Same is the case with computer science which is a broad based degree as compared to gaming or telecommunications which are more subject focused.

Finally apply to at least 2 to 3 universities which fits your aforementioned criteria. They can be in different countries also but better to decide on not more than two prospective destinations.

Always contact university’s in-country official representative to get current information on scholarships, entry criteria and seek their assistance as they get your offers much faster than doing it on your own. They know the requirements much better than anyone else.

If you have made up your mind or thinking of exploring scholarships for Pakistani students or where to do IELTS preparation click here and take the next step in your Study Abroad pursuit. Let’s go.