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Study Abroad Counsellors do it better!

Study Abroad Counsellors do it better!

The long established Student Counselling companies still adhere to ethical values and treat students as pupils rather than clients.

They are actually your partners in your journey to the best universities of the world. They work with you in making your dream come true. From Dream to Reality you do need professional advice from the university’s official representatives who have been through this journey a million times with students like you.

Of late the school counsellors have been discouraging students to consult with a professional student counsellor, which is very unwise on their part. It is like saying that stop going to schools when there are tuition centers with better teaching standards available; these are separate entities and serve the students differently.

Counsellors stopping you to seek professional help from a renowned counselling agencies, does not want you to explore and make the right choices. The have tunnel vision and want to place students in universities they are familiar with even if they are not the best for the student.

Once you are ready to lodge your application, a nominal fee is charged for the services rendered. The payment charged is to cover incidentals like document verification, courier services and in some cases university application fees.

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