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Study Abroad – Beyond Education

Study Abroad – Beyond Education

Studying abroad can be an overwhelming experience for those who don’t know what to expect. The teenagers from Pakistan who are used to pampered way of life with things literally delivered to their tables find it challenging to settle in quickly.

Culture shock is a real thing and coping with it is a matter of days but changing the way of life with no servants and no mothers to look after the cooking, the cleaning etc is a journey worth learning. It is an important phase which is ever evolving helping you learn a new way of life which may be quite different to what one is used to.

It is not that you will be just on your own with no one to turn to; the universities have a full orientation program planned for you. There is a person or a couple of people you will be introduced to who will take your call in case of an emergency or if you are feeling lonely besides having more students like yourself joining you on this journey.

You are never alone unless you really want to be! Gel with other students, make friends with local as well as international students learn new cultures and make friends that is the beginning of a lifelong friendships.

Don’t judge people, respect them for what they are and do not label them in black and white. They may have a different religion or beliefs that certainly does not mean that they are wrong or right, just think of them as different and not as right or wrong.

Study abroad is like doctors without borders, it is a brand new experience in a whole new environment and country. Your professors will encourage you to challenge them, be prepared, curious with a desire to go beyond the subject you’ve learned. Find a mentor in your professor and always ask questions and you will get many opportunities of learning beyond subjects.

The desire to learn and discover new things help you understand that the unknown and unfamiliar can be exciting and adventurous also. The world is different, and differences lead to discoveries and diversity is what makes us like new things.

Blend, this is something Pakistani students feel shy to do. There is a tendency to stay with people from your own country rather than learn and experience the new culture.

IELTS that we take for getting our English assessed is important as you will study in English medium university. Besides knowing English will help you find your comfort circle faster than most. With google translator, you can further improve your language and pronunciation

When in Rome do as the Romans do; it is a famous saying but you may not want to do follow the saying exactly but still you must make an effort to learn the Culture of your host country and respect it.

Venture out and make friends with the locals as well as other international students. With digital media at its best, take pictures, make videos and blog about your experiences and learning.

Learn the country’s history, visit museums, art galleries and cinema.